Mousetrap Car Designs For Distance

Mousetrap Car Designs For Distance
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Mousetrap Car Designs for Distance


Mousetrap cars have been a popular science project for many years and have been used to teach concepts such as friction, force, and energy. The goal of the project is to design and construct a vehicle powered by a mousetrap that can travel a maximum distance. The project is a great way to engage students in the engineering design process and have fun while doing it.

Design Criteria

The goal of the design is to build a car that can travel the longest distance possible. When designing the car, there are several criteria to consider, such as wheel size, weight, and the type of mousetrap used. By understanding the criteria and the physics behind the project, students can create a car that is optimized for distance.

Wheel Size

The size of the wheel is one of the most important design considerations. Smaller wheels are lighter and can spin faster, which will increase the car’s speed. However, larger wheels can cover a larger distance with the same amount of energy, so the wheel size should be chosen carefully.


The weight of the car is also important because a lighter car will use less energy to travel the same distance as a heavier car. To reduce the weight, the car should be designed with lightweight materials such as foam or balsa wood. Additionally, the weight should be distributed evenly to ensure the car runs in a straight line.


The type of mousetrap used is also important for the car’s performance. There are two main types: the spring-loaded type and the lever type. Spring-loaded traps provide a sudden burst of power, whereas lever traps provide more consistent power. The type of trap should be chosen based on the goal of the project.

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After the design is complete, it is time to assemble the car. The materials should be cut to size and the parts should be glued or screwed together. The mousetrap should be securely attached to the car and the wheels should be attached to the axle. The car should be tested and adjusted until it runs smoothly.


Once the car is assembled, it is time to test it. The car should be placed on a flat, smooth surface and the mousetrap should be triggered. The car should be observed to see how far it travels and how fast it goes. The results should be recorded and the car should be adjusted if necessary.


Mousetrap cars are a fun and engaging way to teach students about engineering design and physics. By understanding the design criteria and assembly process, students can create a car that is optimized for distance. With careful planning and testing, students can create a car that will travel farther than ever before.

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