Designing The Fastest Pinewood Derby Car In 2023

Designing The Fastest Pinewood Derby Car In 2023
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Designing the Fastest Pinewood Derby Car in 2023


The Pinewood Derby is a popular car racing event for Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, and Girl Scouts all around the world. This event has been going on for decades and involves the building of small wooden cars that are powered by gravity. The goal is to design and build the fastest car possible to win the race.

Design Considerations

Designing the fastest Pinewood Derby car requires some careful consideration. The most important elements of the car’s design are its shape, weight, and wheel alignment. The car should be as aerodynamic as possible, with a sleek design that minimizes drag. The weight of the car should be kept to a minimum, while the wheel alignment should be optimized for maximum speed.

Materials and Tools

The most common material used to build Pinewood Derby cars is balsa wood. This is a lightweight wood that is easy to work with and can be shaped into various designs. Other materials can be used, such as foam, plastic, or metal, but these will add additional weight to the car. Tools such as saws, sandpaper, and files are also necessary for building the car.

Building the Car

Once the design and materials have been chosen, the car can be built. Start by cutting the wood to the desired shape and size. Sand the edges to ensure a smooth finish and to reduce wind resistance. Attach the axles and wheels to the car, making sure that the wheel alignment is correct. Finally, add any other decorations or details to the car.

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Weight Reduction

Weight is a major factor in determining the speed of a Pinewood Derby car, so it is important to reduce the weight of the car as much as possible. One way to do this is to hollow out sections of the car. This can be done by using a drill or other tool to carefully remove material from the inside of the car. Another method is to use lighter materials such as foam or plastic instead of wood.


A well-lubricated car will move faster than an unlubricated car. Use a lubricant such as graphite or silicone to reduce friction between the wheels and axles. Apply the lubricant to the wheels and axles before attaching them to the car. This will help the car move more efficiently and reduce drag.

Testing and Adjustments

Once the car is built and lubricated, it is time to test it. Place the car on a flat surface and use a timer to measure how long it takes to reach the finish line. If the car is not performing as expected, adjustments can be made to the design, weight, wheel alignment, or lubrication to improve its performance.


Designing the fastest Pinewood Derby car requires careful consideration of the car’s shape, weight, wheel alignment, and lubrication. By using the right materials and tools, and making adjustments as needed, it is possible to create a car that will be a winner in the race. Good luck, and have fun!

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