5 Design Tips For Building A Fast Pinewood Derby Car

5 Design Tips For Building A Fast Pinewood Derby Car
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5 Design Tips for Building a Fast Pinewood Derby Car

1. Choose the Right Block of Wood

When you’re building a fast pinewood derby car, the most important part is choosing the right block of wood. You’ll want to look for a block that is straight and free of knots. The block should also be lightweight, as this will make the car faster. You can find a good block of wood at your local hobby shop or home improvement store.

2. Smooth Out the Wood

Once you’ve chosen the right block of wood, it’s time to smooth it out. This can be done with sandpaper or a power sander. Be sure to smooth out the wood until it’s completely free of bumps and ridges. This will help reduce drag, which will make your car faster.

3. Design an aerodynamic shape

Once the block of wood is smooth, you can start designing your car. Design an aerodynamic shape that will reduce drag. This can be done with a special pinewood derby kit, or you can freehand the design. Be sure to keep the weight as low as possible, which will make the car faster.

4. Use Good Wheels and Axles

Another important component of a fast pinewood derby car is the wheels and axles. You’ll want to choose wheels that have been designed specifically for pinewood derby cars. These wheels are designed to reduce drag, which will help your car go faster. You’ll also want to make sure the axles are properly lubricated in order to reduce friction.

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5. Add Weight to the Front

Finally, you’ll want to add weight to the front of the car. This will help keep the car balanced and reduce drag. You can add weight by using special weights or by adding lead or steel to the nose of the car. Be sure to keep the weight as low as possible to maximize speed.


By following these five tips, you can design and build a fast pinewood derby car that will be sure to win races. Be sure to choose the right block of wood, smooth it out, design an aerodynamic shape, use good wheels and axles, and add weight to the front. With a bit of patience and practice, you can create a winning car!

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